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Manhattan Ecuador Pepe Jijón Sydra Whole Bean

Manhattan Ecuador Pepe Jijón Sydra Whole Bean


4.4oz / 125g Whole Bean

Notes: White Flowers, Blood Orange, Blueberry Jam

Region: Imbabura

Producer: Pepe Jijón

Varietal: Sidra

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1515 m

From Manhattan:

"Sidra Wave!

A first for us - we're buzzing to bring on Pepe's Sidra onto our offerlist! This coffee undergoes a variation of a natural process. The cherries undergo a wild yeast fermentation in tanks for 72 hours. They then get dried very slowly in a dark room using intermittent temperatures for up to 50 days. Once the desired humidity is met, the coffee is put into grainpro bags to stabilize for 1 month.

The results are excellent and we cannot wait to continue to share the work of Finca Soledad with you!

Blueberry jam, blood orange, white flowers and a whole lot more - cheers!"

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