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September Colombia Jose Martinez Whole Bean

September Colombia Jose Martinez Whole Bean


8.8oz / 250g Whole Bean

Notes: Citrus, Berries, Blue Raspberry, Honey

Region: Palestina, Huila

Producer: Jose martinez

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1600 - 1700 m

From September:

"In the cup we get bright citrus with a sweet tart berry attribute that reminds us of blue raspberry. It has a lingering sweetness like honey, a light body, and a juicy mouthwatering citric acidity. 

José and his wife, Francy Helena Inga, have been farming coffee for many years. While José grew up in a coffee farming family, he left home at a young age and worked all over Colombia as a bus driver. In the last two decades, he decided to return to his roots and bought El Casino in Sinaí, Palestina.

Today, he and Francy manage 10 hectares, five of which are planted with several varieties of coffee including Caturra, Pink Bourbon, Gesha and Tabi.

José and Francy also have a huge soft spot for abandoned dogs and have given a home to dozens over the years. We have a deep appreciation for a great Caturra, and this is no less than a great, quality Caturra."

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