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Momos Colombia El Obraje Whole Bean

Momos Colombia El Obraje Whole Bean


7oz / 200g Whole Bean

Notes: Coriander Seeds, Orange Blossom, Papaya, Juicy

Region: Tangua, Narina

Producer: Pablo Andres Guerrero

Varietal: Gesha

Process: Washed

Elevation: 2250 m


From Momos: 


"We are happy to be able to introduce Obraje Farm's coffee, which we have introduced every year for its high quality, this year as well. In fact, Obraje Farm is a farm that we have introduced before winning the Colombian Cup of Excellence. We welcome Obraje Farm's coffee with excitment every year as it continues to maintain good quality to this day. The coffee introduced this time has an impressive variety of flavors reminiscent of coriander seeds, orange flowers, and papaya. The juicy body further increases the appeal of coffee. I recommend you to experience it. 


El Obraje Farm is located in teh Nariño region, a representative coffee producing area in southern Colombia. Farmer Pablo started growing coffee in the 2000s. At that time, the facilities were poor and there was no proper processing plant, but in 2009, we built a facility to process coffee directly and entered the specialty market. In particular, cultivating new varieties and making efforts to create our own natural and washed processing methods ultimately led to excellent quality coffee. It is now used in Brewers Cup and Barista Championships around the world, and even won teh 2021 Colombian Cup of Excellence. "

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