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Every month

Perfect for the casual coffee enjoyer

  • Homey delight: Coffees tailored for those seeking a comforting cup at home.

  • Versatility in brewing: Whether through espresso, pour-over, or any other method, these coffees deliver consistent satisfaction.

  • Inclusive enjoyment: Designed to be appreciated by all, regardless of coffee expertise.




Every month

For enthusiasts craving unique, top-quality brews

  • Sourced worldwide: Featuring rare, funky coffees from renowned producers.

  • Colombian focus: Highlighting beans from Sebastian Ramirez, Diego Bermudez, and Nestor Lasso. Occasionally featuring exceptional coffees from Panama or Ethiopia.

  • Diverse flavors: With over 1,000 flavor compounds, explore the exciting world of coffee.


Every month, we handpick a new roaster for you to enjoy. Whether you prefer Approachable or Exotic, we've got you covered at $24 and $34 per bag respectively. St. Louis locals can have their coffee delivered right to their door for an additional $10, while shipping costs for other areas vary.

For Novices & Nerds

Understand the beans you're brewing with full descriptions, detailing all of the information behind the coffee taste profiles. 


As a subscriber, you're in control - choose from one to four bags of coffee each month and get ready for a journey of flavor. Our deliveries feature a diverse range of sizes, with 200g - 340g (7oz – 12oz) for Approachable single origins and 100g - 250g (4oz – 8.8oz) for Exotic single origins.

Exclusive Content

Dive deeper into the world of each roaster with our exclusive audio/video content. Get insider insights, brewing tips, and even interviews with the personalities behind the beans.

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