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Sump Peru Decaf Whole Bean


12oz / 340g Whole Bean

Notes: Grapefruit, Graham, Chamomile, Plum

Region: Bombe

Producer: Qonqana

Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom

Process: Honey

Elevation: 1910 - 2010 m

From Sump:

"Qunqana washing station in located in the Bensa region of Sidama in Ethiopia. This washing station collects cherries from local small farmers in the area. Its founders Asefa Dukamo and MuluGeta Dukamo opened this washing station under their company Daye Bensa Coffee. In addition to owning their own farm, Daye Bensa Farm, they also own 16 washing stations and 4 dry mills in Bensa, Aroressa and Chire districts of Sidama.Like many Ethiopian offerings, the exact variety of this coffee cannot be traced due to the abundant natural cross-breeding of local varietals. We find this cup to be floral and sweet, leading with notes of clover honey and chamomile fading into plum, with a slightly spicy finish akin to baking spice."

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