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Three Marks Ecuador El Chorora Whole Bean 2lb / .9kg

Three Marks Ecuador El Chorora Whole Bean 2lb / .9kg


2.2lb / 1kg Whole Bean

Notes: Plum Jam, Honey, Stone Fruits

Region: Sozoranga, Loja

Producer: Olinka Velez

Varietal: Sidra

Process: Anaerobic Semi Washed

Elevation: 1600 m

From Three Marks:

"The varietal Sidra was created in Ecuadorian soils, this is a hybrid between a Red Bourbon and Typica. It has gained much popularity between producers and roasters because of its unique sweetness, notes of berries and complexity. This lot was harvested by hand between May and June 2023.

The Region of Sozoranga, located in the Southern province of Loja, is an old Spanish settlement dating back to early colonial times. The Spanish settled here because of its warm and fertile lands. Since then, this area has been important for its agricultural production, being at one point a crucial spot for feeding the liberation army in their battle for independence of Loja.

The first stage involves the honey process, where the coffee remains for a few days until the bean absorbs approximately 90% of the pulp juices. Following this, a complex 72-hour oxidation process occurs within the cherry. Subsequently, the coffee slowly dries during this period. Next, it undergoes a 72-hour CO2 fermentation process in tanks with lactic acid bacteria cultivated from mosto.

Finally, a crucial stabilization period occurs within GrainPro bags in a temperature -and moisture- controlled room. An interesting note about this process is that two months after the coffee has dried, the flavors are not pronounced.

It is only after four months that the coffee truly comes to life, with all its flavors emerging."

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