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Expand your coffee palette

Introducing our multi-roaster subscription!




Every month

Perfect for the casual coffee enjoyer

  • Homey delight: Coffees tailored for those seeking a comforting cup at home.

  • Versatility in brewing: Whether through espresso, pour-over, or any other method, these coffees deliver consistent satisfaction.

  • Inclusive enjoyment: Designed to be appreciated by all, regardless of coffee expertise.




Every month

For enthusiasts craving unique, top-quality brews

  • Sourced worldwide: Featuring rare, funky coffees from renowned producers.

  • Colombian focus: Highlighting beans from Sebastian Ramirez, Diego Bermudez, and Nestor Lasso. Occasionally featuring exceptional coffees from Panama or Ethiopia.

  • Diverse flavors: With over 1,000 flavor compounds, explore the exciting world of coffee.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated team behind comet. Each member brings their unique expertise and passion for coffee.

Follow us on Instagram @cometcoffeestl and @cometbakerystl



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