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Little Wolf Colombia YCA Development Lot Whole Bean

Little Wolf Colombia YCA Development Lot Whole Bean


8oz / 226g Whole Bean

Notes: Strawberry, Kiwi, Complex

Region: Huila

Producer: Nestor Lasso

Varietal: Caturra Chiroso

Process: Low O2 Natural

Elevation: 1800

From Little Wolf:

"We are the third generation that has been growing coffee. Our grandfather, José Uribe, was the founder of the farm El Diviso. With the work of all the family and constant savings we were able to build the infrastructure to process differentiated coffees; searching for better quality, both in coffee and our lives. After a long trial and error period we managed to standardize different processes, getting a better income in order to plant new varieties that allowed us to have better quality. One of our dreams is to produce specialty coffee that reaches all the world.


The coffee is picked carefully to get only very ripe cherries that tend to be between 24 and 26 brix. The over and under ripe cherries are removed (hand sorted).

2. The coffee undergoes an oxidation process for 48 hours in plastic cans, where the leachates and the cherries are mixed. At the end of this process the pH of the coffee is 4.5.

3. Floating process: the coffee is floated to rid impurities and any hollow beans and unwanted materials. This is done with cold water (10-12 degrees Celsius).

4. Thermal shock: The cherries are washed with water at 50 degrees Celsius and immediately introduced into plastic cans.

5. Anaerobic fermentation: The cherries are stored in sealed cans for 80 hours at 35 degrees Celsius. A saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast type T58 is sprayed to the cherries (1g of yeast per 5kg of cherry). This yeast is commonly used in the beer brewing industry to strengthen beer profiles.

6. Drying process: the coffee is removed from the cans and taken to a mechanical drying system to dehydrate the cherries during 12 hours. Finally, it is moved to a parabolic drying system for approximately 15 days or until target moisture is reached."

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