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Momos Seasonal Blend New Sound Whole Bean

Momos Seasonal Blend New Sound Whole Bean


7oz / 200g Whole Bean

Notes: Yling Ylang Flower, Honey, Lychee

Region: 85% Peru / 15% Colombia

Producer: Mixed

Varietal: Gesha / Bourbon

Process: Natural / Washed

Elevation: N/A


From Momos: 


"Spring. For us, spring is a new beginning, a season when frozen nature is filled with warmth and colorful flowers bloom. It is a season of hospitality, where a pleasant haze wafts on the streets and everyone you meet on the streets asks how you are and wishes you well. How nice to drink coffee on this spring day filled with positive energy and laughter. 


Introducing a new sound, the sound of spring coming that we have been waiting for." 

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