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September Colombia Buttercream Whole Bean

September Colombia Buttercream Whole Bean


8.8oz / 250g Whole Bean

Notes: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Honey, Pistachio, Buttercream Frosting

Region: Cauca

Producer: Diego Bermudez

Varietal: Castillo

Process: Washed Thermal Shock

Elevation: 1930 m

From September:

"This coffee is unique and truly unlike anything we've had before. To us in the cup it tastes sweet and spicy like our favourite deserts. We get cardamom, cinnamon, honey, pistachio and buttercream frosting. 

The process of this profile begins with the proper harvesting of the coffee cherries, at an optimum point of ripeness.

Then the coffee cherries are disinfected with ozone, and they are transferred to the cherry fermentation tanks, in which an anaerobic fermentation process is carried out for 72 hours submerged in water and Lactobacillus in milk culture medium.

Then the coffee is pulped and mix with the leachates collecting in the cherry fermentation, to put increase the level of precursors in the seed and then a thermal shock wash process is carried out to fix a greater amount of precursors and seal the coffee for a good drying process."

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