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September Colombia Wilton Benitez Whole Bean 2.2lb / 1kg

September Colombia Wilton Benitez Whole Bean 2.2lb / 1kg


2.2lb / 1kg Whole Bean

Notes: Floral, Herbal, Peach Candy, Citrus

Region: Cauca

Producer: Wilton Benitez

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Anaerobic Natural Yeast Inoculated Thermal Schock

Elevation: 2100 m

From Obadiah:

"In the cup we get an intense sweetness with big aromatics of florals and spices. We taste peach candies, tropical fruit, lavender, and cardamom.

This coffee has a unique and special journey. It starts with sterilizing selected coffees withozonated water, and a sterilization with ultraviolet light. After pulping the coffee is added to an anaerobic bioreactor for the start of its fermentation. And this is where things get interesting, Wilton adds a yeast commonly used in beer and wine (Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus) which produces intense aromas, spicy character and citrus attributes. The coffee is anaerobically fermented for 52 hours followed by a thermal shock wash. The coffee is then dried in a controlled mechanical dryer for 46 hours. 26+ years being a coffee grower. 16+ years of experience with specialty coffee. Roaster. Q-grader processor. Non-certified tester but with a lifetime of experience in the tasting process. Paraíso 92 is a family farm that uses highly innovative farming systems such as terraces, drip irrigation, shading and laboratory nutrition count aimed to produce a unique coffee. Paraiso 92 has a processing plant, microbiology lab and quality lab. They are able to produce coffees through different processes such as washed, Natural, Honey and anaerobic coffees (single and twice fermentation). The use of bioreactors and specific microorganisms for controlled fermentation coupled with a constant control and monitoring of factors such as temperature, pH, brix degrees and electric conductivity make El Paraiso 92 ́s coffee to stand out from the rest and offer a value added like no other. All this allow the producer to have distinct, unique and standardized profiles and notes."

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