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Sump True Level (Medium Roast) Whole Bean

Sump True Level (Medium Roast) Whole Bean


12oz / 340g Whole Bean

Notes: Cocoa, Mandarin, Creamy

Medium Roast

From Sump:

This coffee is a single origin Colombia community lot from the Cauca department, roasted at two different roast levels and then back blended together in a secret Sump ratio. This blend is an effort to present a more accessible or general audience cup that has reduced palette acidity, balance, smoothness, classic coffee aromas and earthy tones; all with minimal roastiness present in the cup. If you a long time subscriber (or Sump coffee drinker), you will feel that additional roast development, but as it cools and opens up that aspect will soften and dissipate. We recommend a slightly higher water to coffee ratio with this coffee too, something like 1 gram of coffee to 16 (to 16.5) grams of water would be more appropriate. We hope you find this coffee accessible.

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